Freelance photographer based in Detroit, Michigan and San Francisco, California. Specializing in skateboarding photography.

Offering commercial photography, event photo packages, professional portraiture, and product photography for retail.

Studying at College for Creative Studies to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Passionate about skateboarding photography, I've had work published in Thrasher Magazine, Lowcard Magazine, and more. My recent projects have been for clients including Doom Sayers Club, Moonshine Skateboards, Modern Skate and Surf, F.I.D. , and many more. I have one goal with shooting skating - Get people hyped to get out and ride!

For booking info, print inquiries, or other questions, click the contact link at the top of the page, or email me directly at:

Notable Clients:


DanielStelly_Infront of the lense.jpg


Above: Limited edition skate deck - Signature photo graphic for Modern Skate and Surf